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Western swing-influenced trio that tries to carry on the tradition of guitar/steel duets that was pioneered by awesome duos such as Santo & Johnny, Leon McCauliffe & Eldon Shamblin, Junior Barnard & Herb Remington, Jimmie Rivers & Vance Terry, Leon Rhodes & Buddy Charleton, Danny Gatton & Buddy Emmons.

Danceable rhythms, hummable tunes, jazzy improvisations and tons of joy are the main ingredients of this particular musical stew, that contains elements of jazz, blues, rock & roll, cowboy tunes, polkas, Hawaiian melodies, boogie woogie, country, and gospel.

The band is SO NEW that all we can show you at the moment is a smartphone video of a living room rehearsal - but it should give you an idea of our sound!


Raymond Nijenhuis plays a mean guitar and is one of Europe's leading specialists in this genre - he's even published dvd instruction videos on the subject for TrueFire.

Harm van Sleen is the steel guitarist and studies many hours daily to keep up with Ray's instrumental prowess and to master all those intricate Vance Terry and Joaquin Murphey runs.

Peter Wassenaar handles the acoustic bass and lays down a fat groove that gets Ray and Harm flying and, hopefully, the crowd dancing. Occasionally all band members will sing their hearts out.