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Unlike the old days, when bands had a fixed line-up and you always knew who to expect on stage, nowadays bands usually don't have enough gigs to keep the musicians occupied all the time so everybody tries to fill up the holes in their schedule by performing with other bands too. Of course every now and then two bands might be booked for the same night so a substitute is required to replace the original bandmember. So what it comes down to is this: there are bands where I will always be present at concerts, there are many bands that I perform with every now and then, and there are bands where I might get called to replace someone. This list of bands will never be complete, but it's a start.


Really a collective of musicians with singer/guitarist Chris Koenen at its center. Other musicians may include Aad van Pijlen or Peter Wassenaar (bass, vocals); Andreas Carree or Martijn Groen (drums, vocals), and myself on pedal steel, mandolin, guitar, vocals and sometimes keyboards too, joined every now and then by Frenk van Meeteren, Pam MacBeth or Arto Boyadjian (guitar, vocals), Frans Heemskerk (keyboards), Lo van Gorp (vocals) or Bart Landstra (hartmonica, vocals). The repertoire is an eclectic mix of old blues songs, country songs, pop songs, rock & roll, and the occasional original. Every Sunday you can catch us at Cafe 't Praethuys in Leiden.

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Philip Kroonenberg (guitar, ukulele, vocals), Frank Nuyens (guitar, vocals), Aad van Pijlen (bass, vocals), Boris van der Lek (tenor sax), Harm van Sleen (pedal steel, keyboards, mandolin, violin, vocals) and Andreas Carree (drums). Check out our album Out Of The Calaboose!

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Wouter Kiers (tenor sax, vocals), Jeen Rabs (guitar), Harm van Sleen (acoustc bass), and sometimes Daniel van Dalen (drums). Jazz, swing, and lots of fun (some of it silly)

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Arthur Shorty (vocal), Kees van den Braak (vocal), Sharon Peeters (vocal), Simone van Genderen (vocal, trumpet), Petra Tanis (alto sax), Leon de Geest (guitar, vocal), Wiliam Kamsteeg (keyboards), Rob van der Lee (harmonica, guitar), Wouter Boers (drums), Melatti Kerstjens (drums, bass, vocal), and Harm van Sleen (bass, vocal). A very special band, comprised of men and women with intellectual disabilities but considerable musical talents, with a huge repertoire of great songs from the 1940s, '50s and '60s.

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Leo Koster (guitar, vocals), Kees Maat (accordeon), B.J. Baartmans (guitar, bass, vocals), Harm van Sleen (bass, pedal steel, vocals), Sjoerd van Bommel (drums, vocals)

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