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Some of the artists I've worked with so far (a very incomplete but alphabetical list)

Dick van Altena (pedal steel)

Anke Angel (acoustic bass 2006 - )

Bertolf (pedal steel)

Capelino (acoustic bass 1993 - 2006)

Change of Key (pedal steel)

Niko Christiansen & Friends (pedal steel)

Les Cook & Ed Huish (acoustic bass)

Jaap Dekker (electric bass 1989 - 2013)

Do (acoustic bass)

de 3Js (acoustic bass)

Dicky Greenwood (electric bass 1996 - 2013)

Hans de Jong & Change of Key (electric guitar)

Candye Kane (bass)

Henk de Kat (percussion, violin, harmonica)

Leo Koster (bass)

Kraak & Smaak (pedal steel)

Lady A (electric bass)

Little Willie Littlefield (bass)

Pam MacBeth (pedal steel)

Mr. Boogie Woogie (electric bass 1994 - 2015)

Ricky Nye (electric bass)

Lisa Otey (acoustic bass, steel)

Outlaw Express (bass, pedal steel, vocals 2010 - 2014)

Panhandle Swing (steel, violin)

Edwin Rutten (acoustic bass)

Spinvis (pedal steel)

Swinghouse (acoustic bass)